MIB Group, Inc.
Reveal hidden risk
underwriting services
Gain insight
actuarial services
Streamline reporting
compliance reporting services

Collective Insight.
Combined Strength.

Together with its members, MIB strengthens the
industry, ensuring that companies can offer -
and customers can purchase - affordable life
and health insurance protection.

When you can see risks clearly,
you can issue with confidence.

It's estimated that MIB will save the insurance industry over $1 Billion
each year by revealing risks only its members can see clearly.

Actuarial expertise that turns
information into insights.

MIB's actuarial and mortality expertise together with its industry
relationships lets us provide members, clients and regulators with
a sharper understanding of risk.

Streamlined compliance reporting.
Powerful advantages.

MIB's technology, capabilities and expertise can streamline your
compliance reporting.